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Will you be one of nearly ONE Million ?

TODAY, Disability Living Allowance has been abolished for new claims only. DLA for life claimants ALL will be reassessed after 2015 ? Up to 1 million current DLA claimants are set to lose out either losing part or all of their benefit.

Is it a coincidence the reason being this is the general election year and so government does not want a load of bad news cases where disabled people making news headlines losing their benefits ?

Labour have NOT said they will stop DLA being abolished. In fact, Labour have NOT committed to reversing a single Tory cut ?

Please help us to help you stop DLA being abolished and sign our petition -

Forget stigmatising genuine benefit claimants what about the TAX DODGERS ? BILLIONS is lost through AGGRESSIVE Tax Avoidance. Help us make this a crime and sign our petition -

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