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GEET(Free Clean Energy) is growing in the market. Many new GEET Dealers now supply new products. Two GEET classes left!

Dear Every One,

David Pantone here. Thank you for being in contact, and for your support for GEET as an energy, economic and environmental solution. Visit if you have not heard about The GEET Fuel Processor (for any existing engine).

Paul Pantone has scheduled to provide two more GEET classes; One from September 13th-18th, and one from October 18th-23rd. When you attend you will learn the intimacies of retrofitting any engine with GEET, and will gain the education you will need if you choose to become a Licensed GEET Dealer. You can email Paul to attend one of the classes at [email protected]

GEET Dealers ECO PRO are currently supplying GEET-retrofit generators, The GEET Guys, are supplying GEET demonstration engines, and other dealers supply custom GEET retrofits, GEET kits and/or GEET plans, all with a year of technical support. Many other products are soon-to-come. Visit product page to see and order GEET products. Though much better results have been achieved; Dealers guarantee 30% improvement compared to factory-stocked engines.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to be added to our list to receive monthly GEET updates.

Wishing you vitality and prosperity,

David Pantone

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