GEET(Free Clean Energy) is growing in the market. Many new GEET Dealers now supply new products. Two GEET classes left!

Dear Every One, David Pantone here. Thank you for being in contact, and for your support for GEET as an energy, economic and environmental solution. Visit if you have not heard about The GEET Fuel Processor (for any existing…Read More

Paul Pantone is FREE!!!

Greetings and Salutations Everyone! My father, Inventor Paul Pantone, is now free from the Utah State Hospital, and is recovering his energy and health rapidly. Thank you to all of you who: sent your blessings, made donations, wrote supportive letters to…Read More

Most Recent Interview with Paul Pantone

Greetings Global Community, Thank you, everyone, for your personal interest and contributions so far. Our efforts to spread awareness of, and to bring an end to Paul Pantone's plight, are quickly becoming more effective. The world is eagerly awaiting the…Read More

Recent Interview with Inventor Paul Pantone, Wrongfully imprisoned 3 years

Thank you for listening to this recent interview with my dad, GEET invetor, Paul Pantone from the Utah State Hospital. There will be more media released this week and each following week. We are putting the pressure on them to let him out, and we need as many…Read More

Please send letters to help Paul

Please read this article and then mail Paul a supportive letter and mail or call the media, the governer of Utah, congress, Human rights groups, the media, everyone you know and everyone else you can think of. Paul's life is valuable to…Read More

Finish Line

My dad has a hearing to appeal to judge Hansen's ruling that my dad is "incompetent". Hansen is playing dirty as usual and has limited my dad to having all papers filed at least one week prior to the court date on Oct 2nd. That gives my dad about 4 days to…Read More

Finish Line

We have a very wide window of opportunity for a very short time to get my dad free. Everyone in the state who doing foot-work to help my dad is out of money. The man who is mainly responsible for filing papers on my dad's behalf is left in the ruins of…Read More
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