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SA identified as major market where solar is competitive, plans by PetroSA to frack offshore and why fracking threatens our public lands.


Fracking updates by Fractual this week care of Ian Perrin:,

15th August 2013

We [Fractual] registered as an Interested and Affected Party in the proposal by PetroSA to frack their existing offshore gas wells which lie 110km. off the coast south of Mossel Bay. A new page devoted to the proposal is now availble in the 'Applications' drop-down menu near the top of all our website pages. Our registration has been acknowledged.

PetroSA has plans that it tells us require government funding of multiple hundreds of billion Rands. The economic and investment arguments in the second item of this briefing lead me to the conclusion that our whole energy policy needs a fundamental review before we make such investments in 20th century technology. The tide is clearly turning now. There's real danger that we could be left with stranded assets.

Weekly Briefing:

1. Shell, the Gardaí and R460,000 worth of booze gifted to a small police station. Here's a sad tale of bullying and corruption in a peaceful Irish rural setting. Is this what we want to set loose here?

2. I am seeing more and more economic arguments that question whether further investment in fossil fuels for electricity generation is wise. Goldman Sachs tell us that the window is closing on coal and that most thermal coal growth projects will struggle to earn a positive return for their owners. Deutsche Bank is bullish on solar and pinpoints South Africa as one of ten major markets where solar is competitive without susidies. A UK banker disparages his country's policy on shale gas and Kurt Cobb has written a telling piece on the reasons behind the USA's desire to export LNG.

Goldman Sachs
Deutsche Bank
UK Banker
Kurt Cobb

3. Drought is hitting poverty stricken Namibia and well oiled Texas, too.


4. Renewable energy strides forward. Intermittency debunked, onshore wind costs decline again in the USA, solar installations up 21% year-on-year, a novel Korean bus solution and an ethanol planet that consumes

Wind costs
Solar up 21%
Korean buses
Ethanol plant

5. UK fracking company Cuadrilla botches the start to fracking in the UK.

6. Polar bears are starving to death because of climate change and Typhoon Utor is wreaking havoc in the Phillippines.

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In another story posted by Organic Sustainable Living, also here on Causes Gloria Flora who is with the U.S. Forest Service explains how fracking may pose serious threats to public lands and ecosystems. This is in the U.S., but think how the sensitive Karoo region may be affected should we allow fracking to take place here: Read Gloria's full article here:

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