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Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG) updates: Government breaks silence on shale gas mining.


The latest news from TKAG:
September 2013 Newsletter


SA government rushes in where New York fears to tread

The government has formally and finally broken its silence on shale gas mining. ANC Secretary General issued a bullish statement about the ANC being ‘sick and tired of talking’ and that it would ‘pursue developments like shale gas’ that could ‘kickstart the economy,’ even ‘if taken to court.’ This was quickly followed up by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies saying that the government intended to licence fracking exploration before the next election. The deputy President also weighed in to the debate confirming the stance of the government.

It is telling that despite the fact that Gwede Mantashe thinks that the ANC has been talking until it is ‘blue in the face’ there has been no public consultation other than what could be described as Shell’s ‘snake oil sales pitch.’ One wonders if this doesn’t have the makings of another e-toll debacle – just on a much larger scale... read more and read more

Minister Molewa: fracking to be a controlled activity under Water Act
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EPA censored information on groundwater contamination in Dimock
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After the boom comes the bust
As the drilling boom slows down in parts of the USA, so does the local economy... read more

Marcellus shale drilling waste triggering radioactivity alarms at waste sites
Last year, nearly 1,000 trucks hauling 15,769 tons of Marcellus Shale waste were stopped at Pennsylvania landfill gates after tripping radioactivity alarms... read more

Fracking leaves property values tapped out
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Anti-fracking movement: a worldwide phenomenon
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