The Ocean is Turning Into a Plastic Soup. Pledge to Rise Above Plastics.

Where do we go on 2012?

Hello to our faithful members! Well we were hoping for thousands rather than hundreds but we appreciate all your individual support for surfing events to go green. It is slowly changing with some companies such as Rip Curl, Volcom, Billabong and a few…Read More

Green Surfing Award

After re-thinking our campaign, we decided to change our strategy. Instead of asking the ASP to comply with the ISO 20121, we would like to see them creating an Annual Award for Event Organizers, rewarding them for their sustainable event management…Read More

Sustainable minds

Hi Members since we started this cause we have met many sustainable minds and we would like to mention them. Also we'd like to thank them for the wealth of knowledge we've shared and recommend our members visit them to gain a broader perspective. Action…Read More

Thanks to these businesses and organisations

Hi All Supporters, we would like to thank these businesses and organisations for coming on board. Stewart Maxwell Surfboards, Sand Sippas, Pointbreak Burleigh Heads, Connecting Southern Gold Coast - Rachael Cannard, Surfrider Argentina, Boardbound AllBoards,…Read More

Release date for ISO 20121 (for events) getting closer

Hi All Supporters, with the release date for the ISO 20121 getting closer we approached our local government body to gauge there awareness and willingness to install this environmental management tool to their events. The response was very encouraging from…Read More

Greener surfing

Each day just gets better when we hear about innovations and forward movement in greener surfing. Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) is another group promoting the way of our future. And we were nearly blown out of the…Read More
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