find awareness, support and a cure

As you may know, multiple myeloma is a deadly form of blood cancer. there is currently no cure, but thanks to the new research and therapeutic drugs being developed there is a great deal of hope. In six years, the MMRF has raised over $40 million. Their efforts have helped to extend the lives of patients battling this fatal disease. The research they have funded is now being translated into fighting a broad range of cancers. However, there is still much work to do if we are to find a cure for this disease.

My grandfather, Jack Way was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in late May 2006. At first the treatments worked, and even though the doctors had diagnosed the disease as terminal, he appeared to have so much life left in him. When he moved to Georgia to be closer to family, the treatments continued, but suddenly took a turn for the worse. Although, even as he faded physically, if you really knew him, you would know that he was headed for a better place. Fathers Day, Monday, June 18, 2007, Jack Way, a beloved husband, father, brother and grandfather gave up his battle to a type of cancer that is not as well known as some, multiple myeloma, to go home to his Father in Heaven.

The idea of this cause is to raise awareness and support for multiple myeloma cancer. Each person in their own way, whether it be finacially or otherwise, can support victims of multiple myeloma cancer. For more information, please refer to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation website at http://www.multiplemyeloma.org/
Here you will find more information about multiple myeloma cancer as well as how you can raise awareness and support in your community.

1. We must find a cure for multiple myeloma cancer.

2. We must raise awareness and support for multiple myeloma cancer.