A small donation for building a shelter in Targu Neamt.

Hi. We are now 5016 members! If we all get together in this cause, and all of us donate about 15 €, than this shelter for stray dogs can be a reality real soon! Please, consider to make a small donation for this good cause! Thank you! Link to paypal…Read More

Targu Neamt - Stray Dogs

Hi to you all. Thank you so much for joining the cause. As you all know, there is no shelter for the dogs in Targu Neamt, and there are so many dogs suffering on the streets. They struggle for food, and its hard to find shelter from snow and cold. They are…Read More

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I have to correct everybody on a few points: 1.There is a shelter at Piatra Neamt...but the funding on this cause will go to a NEW shelter to be built at TARGU NEAMT. 2.Donations made to Alice's birthday wish is for another shelter project, NOT this one for…Read More
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