We have the right to know what is in our food!

This is a campaign to try and gather as many supporters as possible to push for the labeling of GMOs, and to do so within each congressional district. The health food business is booming and they want a dirty hand in it. Who can blame them? The problem is that unknowing consumers who are trying to do the right thing may be undermined by unlabeled GMOs and therefor supporting a system that is killing our independent food supply and turning it into patented, controlled seeds. Now that Whole Foods has jumped on board with allowing GMOs in there stores, the organic movement will have to put more effort and personal sacrifice into making our demands known. Monsanto is not the only culprit and I think that should be noted. This is more a fight for food freedom and individual rights than it is a fight against any one particular company. If we give up, total control of our food supply is upon us.

If you are not part of Missouri's congressional district 7, go to this link to start a campaign for your district, or find out if there is one already started, and join!


1. We want GMOs labeled!

2. We want factory farmed animal products labeled!

3. We want to organize 2300 supporters in our congressional district!

4. Visit www.millionsagainstmonsanto.org for more information.