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there have been 250 students that have taken their lives with in the last couple of years as young as 5 years old. They need our help to stop bullying . If we don't stop bullying then the number will grow and grow and grow. 1 out of every 4 students younger that the age of 18 will commit suicide due to bullying. there is now a program called STFS that goes to schools all around the world to explain about bullying but it did not start until the year of 2010 when 11 year old boy with the biggest smile you've ever seen , killed himself because of all the bullying he received. Ty Smalley was his name and he had shot him self in his parents bedroom. In June on fathers day , Kirk Smalley, Ty's father made a promise to his son. That promise was "I promise you that I will stop bullying nation wide and world wide . Kirk smalley is now asking us for our help to help him keep that promise with his little boy. I stand for the silent. do you?

Join our no bullying cause. lmL

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