This is a Petition to Stop FaceBook from how they have been Deleting Blocking Freezing and Getting rid of all the Nickname, Alias, RP or Political People who have not broken FB rules!

This is a Petition to Ask FaceBook to Stop Deleting Freezing and "Getting rid" of users who's names are Nicknames, Alias, RP names or People who discuss politics here on FB!

When you electronically JOIN our cause you are signing our Petition!

It is not right that FaceBook now wants to choose who we become friends with, what we talk about, what political side we take, what names we choose (even when we are not using any copyright infringement or breaking rules at all).
They choose if we can role play or represent an idea such as freedom or liberty. (example Liberty Jane)

FB is an American company and should respect the rights that Americans have to speech and expression.
Because they are a company they do not have to.

However when USERS/customers stand up and ask to be taken seriously I have seen FaceBook change their ways!
Farmville players asked for more land in their game and though it took a yr they finally grew large enough in number to make FB and FV take notice and grant their wish.
If those people can have more virtual land, then we other users and customers should be able to at least choose our own names, friends, and politics.

Using the words freedom, liberty, fawkes, evey, peace, (etc) as well as RP characters or ideas should be fine if we do not infrige on copyright!

These are simply names!

These are people trying to find others like them and wanting to meet new friends aka social network.

These are people who love to be on FaceBook and would rather NOT leave.

If Facebook continues this behavior, FB will continue to lose members. FB should realize just how many people use alias's/nicknames.
There are many who have friends being deleted/frozen and they feel insulted to because they want to communicate with that friend and cant even though they know that friend did not do anything against the rules.
FB ends up losing those they froze/deleted AND many others to.

Many are getting very frustrated with this issue and are simply choosing not to come to FB anymore. I have been personally told this by many.

These actions are simply a choice by FB to delete and try to stop those of us who have political things to say.

We only want to talk to one another freely like Americans always have, and if we are not using hate speech or saying strange things there is no reason to delete/freeze Us.

FB creates their own problem by trying to stop us from communication with each other by silently Deleting/freezing us one at a time.

But we SEE what is happening and we know what is going on. Its in the news/in articles, its also being talked about on FB.

Please STOP!

Each name here supports the Ability of everyone on FaceBook to be able to choose their friends, to use
(non copyright) names, nicknames, ideas, RP names, and aliases for their FB name.

And the Ability for all users to talk politics, world news, personal beliefs, religion, spirituality, party, and more if they choose. As long as they follow FB rules (no hate speech etc).

Please Join
and let everyone know
because this is for the ability of everyone to be able to talk about what they CHOOSE to talk about without being potentially deleted/frozen for something that they feel or news they chose to share.

PLEASE pass this on to your friends!
We can make a difference.
FaceBook will Understand!

1. Freedom