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Educational Programming for Parrot Owners

The human fascination with parrots dates back to the time of Alexander the Great (4th century AD). For centuries parrots were rare in captivity and limited primarily to wealthy collectors. However large scale importation of parrots from the early 1970’s until 1992 made parrots common and available to the masses in the United States as well as developed countries worldwide. The passage of the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992 halted the importation of most parrots into the United States and heralded an era of captive breeding in the United States. American aviculture geared up to fill the demand for companion parrots.
It was soon apparent that America’s upwardly mobile society was often in conflict with the longevity of parrots resulting in the displacement of many parrots from their homes. Parrot welfare organizations, societies and rescue organizations were established to take in birds which were relinquished. The numbers of birds being relinquished became a subject for debate as are the reasons for relinquishment.

In 2008 the Kaytee Avian Foundation established as a goal – to become an industry leader in the development of programs to increase the satisfaction of pet bird ownership. In order to fulfill that goal we embarked on a project to determine why parrots were being relinquished and where they were going. Many birds lose their homes due to changes in the family structure such as deaths, divorces, financial difficulties, moving into places that do not accommodate pets, etc. However many also lose their homes because of unfulfilled expectations, becoming bored with the pet and behavioral problems. It is the goal of KAF to develop programs to address those issues which may be corrected, making each bird a valued and loved member of the family.

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