To Prevent So Many Parrots From Ending up in Rescue Groups or Sanctuaries by Educational Programming

Too often parrots are sold or surrendered because its owner didn't know what all owning a parrot entails; the cost alone for toys and vet care is higher than your typical dog or cat, the time requirements for owning a parrot far exceeds that of a dog or cat, how to cope with excessive screaming or aggressiveness, how to pick the right bird for your family, long-term plans/lifestyle changes. If there were educational programming for Parrots on Animal Planet, it could help prevent many impulse purchases and sold or surrendered birds. Sanctuaries are at full capacity and too often it's because "I didn't know". Parrots are the third most popular pet in the US. There are tons of programs for Dog and Cats and nothing on Parrots. We can change that and help change the lives of many parrots and owners. By joining this cause you are sending a message to Animal Planet that Parrot Programming is wanted!

This Cause was created by a Co-Founder of Central Ohio Friends of a Feather. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Ohio-Friends-Of-A-Feather-COFOAF/203644283005759

1. With an estimated 40 million parrots in U.S. households, they're not far behind cats and dogs in popularity.

2. Too often parrots are sold or relinquished/surrenderedfor reasons such as not enough time/education of species, moving, cost and care.

3. Brutus, The B & G Macaw in our picture, was banished to live in the garage next to gas cans, after his owners replaced wood sills & moldings..

4. Had they been taught how to enrich Brutus' life with enrichment and toys, Brutus would not have been forced to live in a garage.