Thank you for joining the cause!

Share this as there is strength in numbers! Educating current & potential owners is key to decreasing the number of parrots surrendered to rescues & sanctuaries! Without proper programming, impulse purchases will be made, some parrots will not be…Read More

Petition For Animal Planet to Air Parrot Prorgramming

Thanks to the 440 members who've joined this cause! It's hard to believe the numbers we've accumulated since I created it last Friday night! I knew it was something I personally wanted to see as the Organization I'm a part of takes in many birds, many because…Read More

Educational Programming for Parrot Owners

The human fascination with parrots dates back to the time of Alexander the Great (4th century AD). For centuries parrots were rare in captivity and limited primarily to wealthy collectors. However large scale importation of parrots from the early 1970’s until…Read More


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