The Workforce Investment Works campaign educates the nation about how federally funded employment and training programs (WIA) are helping Americans get jobs and businesses compete globally

There are four jobseekers to every job vacancy and 13.9 million unemployed in the worst recession that the U.S. has seen in generations; yet, the House of Representatives has recommended axing federal employment and training programs in its latest rendition of the proposed budget. Congressional policy-making is not helped by such incomplete descriptions of the federal workforce system, as appeared in USA Today’s February 9 article, which states that the system’s effectiveness is “unclear”. What is unclear about funds through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) putting four million people into jobs last year? Workforce Investment Works is about restoring the WIA funding that helps businesses, job seekers and laid off workers with employment and training services in their local communities across America. Keep America working.

1. We care about jobs and skill development and last year over 8.4 million people were served - 4.3 million placed in jobs - through WIA.

2. With participation in these programs up 234% in the past two years we cannot afford to lose them now.

3. Many businesses have job openings but no qualified applicants, and need WIA’s labor-market driven training that develop the talent that businesses n

4. States that model ROI for WIA have found returns on the dollar that range from $1.54 to $3.50.

5. With youth unemployment at the highest levels since being recorded, we cannot afford taking away the opportunities provided through WIA.