To prevent and stop genocide.

Established in 2005, Genocide Intervention Network is mobilizing the first permanent anti-genocide constituency committed to stopping the worst atrocities around the world. It includes a worldwide coalition of investors, a national fellowship of local leaders across the United States and over 1,000 student chapters at colleges and high schools. We focus on situations of genocide and mass atrocity, which we define as the systematic killing, severe torture or rape of civilians on a massive scale.

Our goals are ambitious, and our mission is critical -- we hold world leaders accountable for the commitments they've made to prevent genocide and develop targeted programs to impact the lives of those at risk of violence and mass atrocity. We work closely with policy experts, world leaders, and anti-genocide activists in the fight to prevent and end genocide.

We address the root cause of the world's failure to stop genocides -- the lack of political will -- by creating an educated and empowered permanent anti-genocide constituency at the national scale. It is this constituent pressure that can make genocide prevention an important and relevant political priority for elected officials and policymakers.

Genocide Intervention Network has expanded its efforts beyond Darfur, to include conflict areas such as Burma, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our programs provide citizens with the resources to educate, organize, and advocate in their communities. GI-NET provides hands-on opportunities for citizens of the world to make genocide prevention a domestic political issue. We believe that if given the tools, all citizens of the global community can become daily active upstanders against genocide.

1. Advocacy: http://www.genocideintervention.net/our_programs/advocacy

2. Civilian Protection: http://www.genocideintervention.net/our_programs/civilian_protection

3. Conflict Risk Network: http://www.genocideintervention.net/our_programs/corporate_responsibility

4. Student Activism (STAND): http://www.genocideintervention.net/our_programs/student_activism

5. Carl Wilkens Fellowship: http://www.genocideintervention.net/our_programs/carl_wilkens_fellowship