To ensure what is in our food is properly identified and labeled

We represent the North Eastern ND and the Grand Forks Metro Area, in the battle against Monsanto to properly label any GMO foods, and GMO containing foods, as well as any factory farmed products. We have the right to know what we are purchasing and the right to opt out if we do not support GMO practices or factory farming.

As each of the 435 Millions Against Monsanto District groups gain their petition target of 2300 supporters, they'll join OCA's Million Member Club and get support from OCA's national office to launch grassroots campaigns for grocery stores to label foods that contain GMOs (including food from GMO-fueled factory farms), and for local, state and federal laws that would make GMO-labels mandatory.

1. Labels on all GMO & GMO-containing, and factory farmed foods

2. To gather 2300 petitions against GMO foods

3. Visit www.millionsagainstmonsanto.com for more information