5 reasons why the SNP is wrong on Corp Tax.

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Bets, tips and predictions.

Got any tips in any sport? Can you give advice and run downs on races and various ball games over the world? The join this page and let us know. Even if you want to share your knowledge of your…Read More

Fundrasing for Erskine

http://www.justgiving.com/rsea2011 Please donate to a good cause.

2 years for serious assault but 5 years for Sectarian chants

I am in support of cracking down on Sectarian chants within football stadiums however I think Alex Salmond is opening a can of worms when suggesting to impose a 5 year prison sentence for anything related to sectarian chanting, offensive banners (I wonder if…Read More

Scots say NO to independance.


How will you vote when the referendum gets pushed through? I am hopeful that the general public voted for SNP due to Alex Salmond keeping his promises on 80% of promised legislations and not the fact that he wants a Republic of Scotland. I seen SNP voters…Read More
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