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We are gaining momentum!

The cause "Run WI Democrats Run" now has 5,162 members! We continue to support the now famous Wisconsin 14 who are staying over the boarder until a compromise is reached on the destructive budget repair bill.

You may have heard that the governor is finding all sorts of ways to bully the WI 14. He wants to fine them $100 per day when the senate is in session and they are absent. He is making it hard for the WI 14 staff to do their jobs back in Madison. These committed Senators are having their paychecks held.

I'm a teacher and all this feels like the kind of bullying I'd see in a 5th grade classroom.

One of the best ways we can support the WI 14 is to send them money! If each of us pledged one dollar, we could help them pay their $100 per day fine for 13 days with a few dollars to spare.

I am still researching the best places to which to donate, and I will post several sites for reference.

Keep recruiting members! Peace out!

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