This is the NEW YORK District 14 OCA Truth-in-Labeling group. If you are in NY District 14, please join us! If you are in a different district, please form a cause like this for your district!

Our health and planet is at stake as well as the future of our children... Let's actively make the state of our world a healthier place by helping to ensure that ours and future generations can choose the natural food sources that we are rapidly loosing the right to have here in the U.S.A! Join me in standing up to Monsanto and the other large corporations controlling our food supply telling them, "No, WE do not want your GMO!"

1. 1.We want GMOs labeled!

2. 2.We want factory farmed animal products labeled!

3. 3.We want to organize 2300 supporters in our congressional district!

4. 4.Visit www.millionsagainstmonsanto.org for more information.