5 Stories That Will Change The World

Stories can make a positive change in our lives. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Sundance Film Festival to demonstrate the power of stories told on film. Watch the Final Five films at this link and let us know what you think:…Read More

Parenting in the Age of Online Pornography - from The New York Times

From NICK BILTON of The New York Times . . . It had been another long day for Eliza, a 41-year-old stay-at-home mother who lives in Los Angeles with her two sons. She had taken the boys, 10 and 13 at the time, to school, taken care of the house, and after…Read More

A Christmas Message for Those Who Serve and Their Families

Serving In The Shadow of God I watched you decorate the tree this year, As I always have since our first Christmas together. I loved seeing you string the lights around and around. I adored the careful movement of your hands as you hung each…Read More

Protect Children From This One Horrible Crime

1.5 Million Members Calling for Change . . . 268,000 Petition Signatures . . . http://www.communityofheroes.net/ We are demanding that Facebook implements effective policies and procedures to block thousands of illicit images and videos of children from…Read More

No One Has Ever Tried This . . . Until Now.

​​With your help, we are ​exposing men who exploit young people in illegal massage parlors, strip clubs, and other establishments known for prostitution, commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Help us now at http://alljohns.exposed/ The…Read More

Bring Back All Our Girls - Everyone, Everywhere.

“When you’re a prostitute, ‘cause I have been one for a couple of months now, like, when you’re a prostitute, you gotta stop going to school because [prostituting] is something that you have to do all day…[but] you could still go to school for like, a couple…Read More

Nigerian Girls. Forever Lost?

Are we forgetting them already? Pippa Jones is one of Europe's finest and bravest radio journalists. Here is Cause Leader Raymond Bechard's recent interview with Pippa as they discuss the Kidnapped Nigerian Girls. Please follow, listen to and share the…Read More
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