Video: "The Dark Side of Facebook"

This is the only video explaining the vast amount of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking occurring on Facebook. While difficult to watch, you should be aware of the dangers that are hiding in plain site on the world's largest Social Network.

After 100 Years, The Truth About Human Trafficking

The underground economy around prostitution thriving in most communities is extremely difficult to quantify. Sex workers and their clients rarely generate receipts. (The fact that they sometimes do is a story for another time.) Pimps pulling in thousands…Read More

Facebook Removes Safety Features for Teenagers

NOTE: This article originally ran in the Chicago Tribune and was written by Mary Sanchez Mom, Dad, here is your popup warning: Your teen is being wooed by Facebook. From now on, teens will be allowed to opt out of privacy settings and choose to post…Read More

Share Your Story

"I used to be one of those girls that had a video on line that a man took of me while another man beat molested and raped me. It's not pretty. It's not funny and its not fair at all. I am struggling with my recovery. I don't know who I am. I am trying to find…Read More

Hear "The Dark Side of Facebook" Live On Today

International Radio Host Pippa Jones ( discussed "The Dark Side of Facebook," with "Force Facebook" Cause Leader, Raymond Bechard ( Don't miss…Read More

Help The FBI Find These Men

Here are the FBI's Wanted Posters for the unknown men known as, "John Doe 23 (" and "John Doe 24…Read More

URGENT: Protect These Children. Report These Pages

NOTE: The following two pages have been reported to Facebook multiple times. They refuse to remove them. It is up to you, our members, to report them. When Facebook allows pages like Young Hot Girls ( and Lesbian Teens…Read More
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