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Protect Children From Exploitation On The Internet

1.5 Million Members Calling for Change . . .

353,000 Petition Signatures . . .

We are demanding that Facebook implements effective policies and procedures to block thousands of illicit images and videos of children from being posted on the Social Network all day, every day.

We need your help to continue the fight. We are producing an all new video documentary exposing the evidence that this crime is taking place on Facebook and other social networking platforms.

This quality, high impact documentary will be used to alert individuals and media around the world to this crime against children. It will tell the story of how this crime was discovered, how over 1.5 million people gathered together to protect children and how we continue to demand changes within Facebook's security system to protect the innocent.

Please do not ignore this important, life-saving issue. This kind of abuse is alive and well on Facebook.

We are calling for Zero Tolerance policies and procedures within Facebook. These policies and procedures must be strong enough to block this content from ever reaching the pages of their Social Network.

Our objective is to motivate Facebook to utilize its vast intellectual resource in bringing an end to these crimes taking place on their website by BLOCKING them from being posted.

Help us reach our goal so we can create a message that will be heard!

UPDATE: Several well know pedophiles have posted comments to this campaign, claiming victory against our fight to protect children. Their comments have been removed and their profiles reported to law enforcement.


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