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No One Has Ever Tried This . . . Until Now.

​​With your help, we are ​exposing men who exploit young people in illegal massage parlors, strip clubs, and other establishments known for prostitution, commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Help us now at

The only way to reduce this violent crime against innocent victims is to reduce demand through the humiliation and shame of the "johns," the men who pay to have sex with young women in communities throughout the world.

Along with our ​Facebook page, ( we have just launched Phase One of the website: ​​AllJohns.Exposed​ (

With ​your help, both will serve as public billboards where citizens can post photos of men entering these establishments, their cars, their license plate numbers, etc.

​Fight back! You can begin posting your photos now on our ​Facebook page and at ​AllJohns.Exposed. ​

This small campaign needs your help to continue.

​Once our Campaign Goal is reached, the ​Facebook page and website -​AllJohns.Exposed - will expand the fight against this abuse by accepting photos and details of the men who openly pay to abuse these young victims all over the world.

​Why has nothing like this has ever been attempted?

Because our culture permits men to commit these crimes without impunity.

No more!

Now, people will know the truth. ​Please show your support now and ​share this campaign with all your friends. #alljohnsexposed


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