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Why Do Some Girls Matter More Than Others?


The young girls had finished their school work and settled in for the evening. It had been a long weekend of studying for everyone. On Monday, the entire school had an important exam on the workings of government. It was a tough test, so all the female students - over 200 of them - had spent the past two days focusing on doing their best. Like young people all over the world, they had many things on their minds; family, friends, and perhaps the future with all its promises. But that Sunday night as they went to bed, it was the test that concerned them most.

Sometime during the night all that changed.

The girls awoke suddenly to the sharp sounds of windows being broken, men shouting, and then . . . fire. Just as their confusion turned to panic the masked men burst into their dormitory, forced them from their beds and quickly herded them into trucks. The trucks drove unopposed into the nearby forest holding 243 girls between 16 and 18 years old.

We would know nothing of the girl's fate after that if some hadn't managed to escape. As many as 43 of them jumped from trucks in the slow-moving convoy. Others ran into the thick jungle after days of travel and abuse.

One of the girls recently reported that some of the students are forced to have sex with their captors up to 15 times in a day. Others were given to leaders of the abductors because they were virgins. Families of the schoolgirls are certain their daughters are now being used as sex slaves by an extreme sect that has killed 1,500 people since the start of this year alone.

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