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15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Nude Photos Posted on Facebook


Where is Facebook's responsibility in allowing topless photos of a 12 year-old Amanda Todd to be posted on their website?

One week ago, Canadian teenager Amanda Todd hung herself after years of being tormented by a man who used Facebook to spread topless photos of her. The photos were taken when she was just 12. Yet Facebook allowed them to be posted several times - even as her tormentor's Profile photo. The picture quickly spread among her classmates who bullied her relentlessly both in person and on Facebook.

After sharing her journey of pain in a heartbreaking Youtube video ( ), Amanda took her own life.

Throughout this story Facebook continues to claim this abuse does not happen on their website. Yet this crime - the crime of sexually explicit photos and videos of children being posted on Facebook - is NOW undeniable.

Facebook allowed these photos to be posted and now Amanda is gone.

We are here to demand they put an end to this crime occurring on their website every day. Please share this Cause with your entire network right now. Just click on the "Invite Friends" Tab.

Then send at least 10 "Demand Cards" to Facebook's Corporate offices by our deadline of October 31st. It's easy and you can get started right now:

Our October 31st deadline to flood their offices with "Demand Cards" is just two weeks away. Please don't wait.

#1 – Watch Amanda's Video.

#2 - Share This Cause.

#3 – Send Your Cards.

And please keep Amanda and her family in your prayers.

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