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"I am A Victim."


"I am a victim of child pornography and have many
questions, but every lawyer I have talked to stops replying after I say
the subject ... please help me. 100's of pictures were taken of me as a
young teen and were distributed by a family member using a fake alias
for my profile. Now, 6 years later, I am scarred, and
am hoping to seek justice." Child Victim, British Columbia

Tell Facebook ( they must BLOCK these images and videos of children from entering their website. Make them listen to you (

Through the "Demand Card" system, Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking ( (MENAPAT (, the group behind this Cause, has a convenient way for you to send a message directly to Facebook ( right now. Please take this powerful action (
We are beginning to get their attention and we must send at least
100,000 "Demand Cards" to Facebook's Menlo Park, California offices.

You can send your card from anywhere in the from this special website (

Thank you,
Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking (

Men Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (MENAPAT) ( is
an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee (PAC)
registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. Donations
to MENAPAT are not tax-deductible and are reported according to all FEC


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