Get US Marine Sgt. Jonathan Kyle Ferguson on Nancy Grace

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We would like this to get on national news please. We know that Nancy Grace handles missing persons' issues, but anything else that this can be sent to... send it.

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iReport —
My brother, Jonathan Kyle Ferguson, has been missing from the Marine Base in Yuma, Arizona since Febuary 14th. We are looking for any help we can get. His family is worried sick.My brother is responsible and quiet mannered. He is 5'10", dark brown/black hair, slender build, glasses. He was last seen leaving the IHOP Restaurant, 557 E. 16th St., on foot at about 3:30 a.m. Monday heading towards the Marine base. A Criminal Investigator contacted us around 7:00 p.m. on February 14th. We called his cell phone continuously until aproximately 5:30 a.m. the next morning when it started going directly to voicemail. We were informed by the authorities that the cell phone was tracked within a 3 kilometer radius of the IHOP Restaurant. Neither his phone nor credit/debit card(s) have been used since the disappearance. Superior officers and friends informed us that his demeanor was not out of the ordinary. His Military term was scheduled to end in two months. Fellow Marines have stated "Jonathan's (Kyle's) absence from work was completely out of character". All of his belongings were found in his baracks at the Marine base. This story is featured in the local news in Yuma, AZ and can be viewed via the
following links:
Yuma Sun:

KSWT 13 News:

Please report ANY information to the previous news sources, or the following:

Email: [email protected]

Local Yuma, AZ Police Dept.: 928-783-4421

Local Yuma, AZ Sheriff's Dept.: 928-329-2020

MCAS Yuma military authorities: 928-269-2305

MCAS Yuma Public Affairs Office: 928-269-3609 or 928-941-7652

Please, if you know anything about his disappearance contact us. It was our mother's birthday on the 15th. We feel that he would have called her. We know in our hearts that something is wrong. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

1. Find Jonathan Kyle Ferguson

2. Bring Jonathan Kyle Ferguson home