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Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - radio talk show - Now DAILY !

Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - radio talk show - DAILY !!

LIVE, coast -to-coast, over the INTERNET, weekdays on BlogTalkRadio

Dear SCAN members:

The new Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) radio talk show will be on the air weekday, LIVE, for one hour, coast-to-coast .. 3pm EST / 12 noon PAC (all episodes are recorded for on-demand listening at your convenience).

Here's where to check the show schedules:

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse discuss the issues, and invite others to join them for a look at abuse recovery, and available resources.
We now have a Board Certified Sex Therapist, "Dr Jay" Tow, as one of our regular contributors. On other episodes we have health care professional, MJ Goyings (ER nurse) and Jessica Stevens, herself a survivor of serious child abuse. We're frequently joined by law enforcement officials and other special guests.

This is the show you've been asking for. Adult survivors will share their stories, and encourage participation of anyone who wishes to join us.

SCAN talk show hosts protect the anonymity of anyone who requests it, both on the air and in our always-present chat room.

"Stop Child Abuse Now" BlogTalkRadio radio shows are supported by our non profit website:

Very few adults have escaped years of severe child sex abuse at the hands of multiple pedophiles, several trafficking attempts, being the model for years of child pornography and a kidnapping.

But I have.

More importantly, I've been in recovery from its devastating effects for over 25 years.

I've decided to devote my remaining time, money and available energy to this vitally important cause.

I wish to be a voice for those of us who are Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, especially to those who need to be helped into real recovery, where we can have healthy, meaningful lives and relationships.

Please .. join us .. together we can Stop Child Abuse Now !!!

Yours in service,

Bill Murray

PS .. Please forward this to your friends.

NAACSA - "one person in recovery helping another"


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