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We've passed the milestone of 100 members !!

Dear Cause Member:

We've just passed a significant and exciting milestone .. we're now more than 100 members strong !!

As a survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse, trafficking, child pornography and kidnapping myself, I want to express my thanks to all of you, the Charter Group, for joining the SCAN cause.

Now it gets REALLY exciting ..

If each of us ask 10 people to join, and they in turn ask 10 others, we can have 10,000 members in no time. This is the power of "social networking" at its best.

Be sure to remind your friends that Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) is the Facebook "cause" that supports the work of our new non profit effort:

And be sure to mention our weekly 2 hour "Community Matters" Internet-based talk radio show and ask then to participate in that, too:

Thank you again for spreading the word about Stop Child Abuse NOW (SCAN) and for encouraging others to join this important cause.

Yours in service,

Bill Murray

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse - "one person in recovery helping another"

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