gather global fans that have been hoping for a movie from their favourite series. this has been dreamt for long 7 years, but never happens!

Well, I have never been a big fan of many things in my life, but I fell in love with this sitcom in a way I could never believe.
I was 12 to 13 years old when I began to see "Friends" and it was already the 3rd season, I think.

"Do you wanna see me cry? Is that what you want? You wanna see me cry?"

Those were the first words I heard. First line from Monica and it was, really, like love at first sight.

My goal here is to join fans all over the world in order to raise our voices and unite in favor of a good thing.

Maybe this will reach the actors, writers and producers hearts as they reached ours when we fell in love with them.

Please join. Please try to make this one movie come true.

Every cause is a different cause, what really matters is what you belive to be worth your click and what lies deep inside your heart, what you believe to be true to you.

1. Sex and The City was a huge hit

2. Many famous shows are turning into successfull movies

3. We deserve it too!