i am very sorry to announce

due to certain technicalities... i cannot complete this tour... and therfore i have to shut down this group unless someone wants to do it in my place. i am very sorry to announce this and i regret that i cannot fulfill my dream but this will not be happening,…Read More

to all members this is very important

due to the amount of effort it will take to organise and complete this daunting task i will need alot of help along the way. to all the member who want to bike with me, please send me an email about it. but please only send an email if you are 100% positive…Read More

thank you all

we are almost at 3000 people please send invites out to all your friends. if we want anything special likemajor publicity to happen when i start my trip then we need as many people in the group as possible. i personally have invitd all 300 of my friends 83 of…Read More

New Ideas

i am thinking of starting up like a little clothin line for the cause... somet shirts and stuff to sell and donate procieds to the cause if anyone is interested post on the group or send me a msg thank you : )
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