Making a difference for homeless and hungry veterans and their families.

The Veterans Site gives you a simple, everyday way to help United States veterans, who make up a disproportionate amount of the homeless and hungry in America. An estimated one in three homeless people are veterans. And each month, nearly three million veterans, their spouses and children, don't have enough to eat.

By partnering with leading nonprofit veterans' services organizations, The Veterans Site will provide meals to homeless veterans through shelter programs and to food pantries that serve veterans and their families. Once the site launches in February/March 2011, site visitors can click on the "Click Here to Give -- it's Free" button daily to fund a meal for a veteran. It costs the clicker nothing--funding for meals is paid for by site sponsors.

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2. Click to give daily at TheVeteransSite.com -- it's free!

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4. Go to http://www.TheVeteransSite.com to make your click count today!

5. Funding goes to our charity partners on the ground: Feed Our Veterans, Veteran Homestead, Inc., and Veterans Village of San Diego.