Stop Dark Act in the Senate!

BREAKING NEWS! DARK ACT has been APPROVED by The House! HELP US STOP IT IN THE SENATE! OCA Press Release: Donate today! #StopDarkAct #GMO #LabelGMOs #RightToKnow #Ag #Food

Hillary Clinton Endorses GMOs. White House Meals Are Organic

Hillary Clinton, who was awarded the nickname 'Bride of Frankenfood’ for her fierce advocacy of GMO foods and farming, thinks GMOs are safe for the American people but not for her family. Learn…Read More

While The FDA and Monsanto point fingers...

Organic Consumers Association: Did you know? Big Ag and Big Food have spent more than $100 million on public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaigns to defend GMOs and pesticides, and to manipulate the public. Check out our weekly…Read More

March Against Monsanto Saturday, May 24 2014

On Saturday, May 24, millions of people around the world will March Against Monsanto This year, we are asking activists who march to spread the word about the damage Monsanto and the rest of the pesticide-makers are doing to the honeybee and monarch…Read More

Farmers Across The World Are Rejecting GMO's

New Friends of the Earth International report says: genetically engineered crops are meeting resistance in all corners of the world. Read the report here:

Tell Michelle Obama: Help Pass the Saving America’s Pollinators Act!

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama finished planting her sixth-annual White House Kitchen Garden. This year, she did something different. She planted a pollinator garden to attract and support 70,000 bees already gracing the presidential lawn, as well as…Read More

Thank You Vermont

Vermonters are thrilled about their new GMO labeling law. But so are the rest of us, from coast to coast. Why? For one, the passage of Vermont H.112 paves the way for other states, especially those where GMO labeling bills are in play, to follow suit. But…Read More
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