To educate people on the dangers of GMO's

The machine of big business is trying to overpower and own Nature in the name of profit. If their chemical and genetic poisoning of our food is not stopped, our beautiful planet will become a lifeless desert. Let's begin with Monsanto's attempt to control our food and poison our environment and us in the process. Monsanto steadfastly refuses to own up to the vast library of evidence about the dangers of GMO's. The press are strangely silent. European countries are now being blackmailed by Monsanto to adopt GE crops they don't want, according to Wikileak cables. The public needs to be informed. Revealing the dangers of what they may already be feeding their children and eating themselves is a very good way of making this a personal battle. We need as many Davids as possible to overcome the Goliath.

I am a Naturopathic Kinesiologist and LMT (State Medical Board Licensed). My main passion is bringing my clients back to health through good nutrition and whole food remedies. Because people have been made to believe that the government is looking after their best interests, trying to explain that their GMO corn-riddled diet is killing them usually meets with disbelief and denial.

Please Join me in promoting The Organic Consumer's Association's TRUTH-IN-LABELING CAMPAIGN. For more information, contact the OCA, or you can reach me on my cell phone: (419) 494 1306.

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