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In this selfsame month (February) of the year 1897, Britain INVADED the great KINGDOM OF BENIN, murdered lots and lots of our ancestors in cold blood, burnt down our beautiful and historic city, towns and villages, and LOOTED thousands of our unique and invaluable artifacts that now graces numerous Museums across Europe and America yielding tons of millions of dollars in yearly revenue most likely to the descendants of the MURDERERS and LOOTERS while the descendants of the creators and rightful owners of the masterpieces gets ZIP and our corrupt and do-nothing government simply looks the other way.

As the souls of our brutally murdered ancestors whose genius works of art constitutes the said looted artifacts continues to cry out for justice in spiritual pain and anguish, I can't help but wonder......where are their children? Where are their descendants? Where are the once highly respected and revered Edo men and women of valor? Where are our present day Ewaures and Idias? Where, when and how did we lose the incomparable spunk and sagacious integrity that, according to most documented history, previously characterized us as a people?

With eyes and ears wide-open enough to watch and hear about the continuous raping and ripping-off of our ancestor's inestimable works, why are we still collectively sitting in absolute dumbness doing absolutely nothing? Are we oblivious of the fact that most of the looted artifacts are a truthful documentation of many memorable events of our history? And apart from their huge monetary value, are we not concerned that the indispensable educational contents of the artifacts could be lost to us and posterity forever as there may soon be no knowledgeable Edo elder alive who can translate the aforementioned contents from their original language of sculpting to our current conventional language?

Every other day, but especially every February of the year, I mourn deeply. Not just for the dead, but for the living as well. For how can we as Edo people continue to be hopelessly unperturbed and walk and talk with swagger and braggadocio while the tortured spirits of our ancestors remains in limbo and yet won't lift a damn finger of positive action to try and right the wrongs of our history and set their wrenched spirits free?

So, shame on us, shame on us. Yes, SHAME ON ALL EDO PEOPLE and THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT.

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