To end the US war in Iraq, and show congress how to lead by our actions of not funding the war ourselves. To overcome fear with action.

We call people of conscience to take a stand against the war in Iraq or the threat of war in Iran by signing a pledge that when joined by 100,000 other signatories, they will refuse to pay their taxes until the US gets out of Iraq (a fully operational plan begun). Our campaign offers safety in numbers and a firm stand against the Administration's funding of the war.

There is a great tradition of war tax resistance in the United States. When our political leaders have not listened to the will of the people, individuals have engaged in civil disobedience. We ask you to join us in taking one of the strongest stands you can against war: refusing to fund it with your money. Full details on how to join the campaign are available at www.dontbuybushswar.org

1. We must put a cog in the war maching by refusing to foot the bill!

2. Tax revolt founded this country and is a patriotic and historic American Tradition!