Online petition in support of a student lead initiative to add a specialty license plate in the State of Florida to support active law enforcement officers and to honor those who have died on duty.

So far in 2011, the State of Florida leads the nation in law enforcement deaths.

The freshman class of the Criminal Justice Academy at Pinellas Park High School has come up with the idea to create a specialty license plate to honor the fallen law enforcement officers who have sacrificed everything to protect the communities they serve.

However, there are several hurdles to get past, including a law passed in recent years that stops the creation of new specialty license plates. The students will also need legislative sponsors in order for the bill to even be considered in Tallahassee.

How can we help, please sign on to this cause and forward it to as many of your Florida friends and relatives as possible. Let's help these students push forth this worthy cause.

These future law enforcement officers, attorneys and other criminal justice professionals have already learned, "Gone, but NEVER forgotten."

1. State law should be amended to allow for the creation of this specialty license plate.

2. The State of Florida leads the nation in 2011 for in the line of duty law enforcement deaths.