We have a right to know what is in our food!

This is the New Jersey District 12 OCA Truth-in-Labeling group. If you are in NJ District 12, please join us! We would like to pass along relevant events and news in our local area. If you are in a different district, please form a cause like this for your district!

Have you noticed "non-GMO" on some food labels? Currently, foods containing GMOs don’t have to be labeled in the US. This is alarming, since approximately 70% of processed foods in the US now contain GMO ingredients. The European Union, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations now require mandatory GMO labeling. We support the requirement of labeling foods that contain GMO’s.

1. We want GMO's labeled!

2. We want factory farmed animal products labeled!

3. We want to organize 2300 supporters in our congressional district!

4. Visit www.millionsagainstmonsanto.org for more information.