Rally in Whitewater

We need numbers! We're planning another rally in Whitewater for Monday, April 4, starting at 5:30. Our goal is to remind voters about the election and make a final plug for Kloppenburg. This event is also part of the National Day of Action for organized…Read More

Rally in Whitewater


Do we have any Facebook experts here? I need some help with a few campaigns. Any replies will be appreciated.

Formation of a Democratic Corporation

State, county, and municipal workers of all walks of life — whether unionized or non-unionized — need to form our own corporation. There are roughly 380,000 public employees in the state. If each one donated just $5, the corporation would start out with…Read More

Rallies Erupt At Colleges Across State

Rallies are happening on campuses across the state today. The turnout at UW-Whitewater was fantastic, and the gathering lasted for just under an hour. There is tremendous momentum here, and this is the time to build our network and lay the groundwork for…Read More

Town Hall Meeting on Walker and Budget

Plans are in the works for a town hall meeting on Scott Walker and his budget lies... a date has not yet been set because the rallies and lobbying efforts are first priority at the moment. The goal of this forum will be to counter the misinformation that the…Read More
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