Reinvite your friends to help, I know we can do this...love and light to all... 

Before passing on this cause, ask yourself: what would I do if a loved one goes missing? How far would you go to get answers and would you want support to help you find your loved one? Your help is needed to raise awareness. This cause is not only about awareness, it is about a simple gesture of humanity. Less then 5 seconds to join and less then 3 seconds to invite 50 friends. EPD has let this case go cold. It's up to all of us to keep this story alive.Christine Walters was last seen in Eureka, CA Nov. 14th 2008. She has not been seen or heard from in over 4 years. America's Most Wanted was going to do a story on Christine untill the Eureka Police department refused to cooperate with them. Her friends and family are worried for her safety. Christine is now classified as endangered missing. We are hoping to collect as many signatures as possible to get more media coverage.  This is an urgent matter. No money is required, just 3 seconds to add your name to the Cause. If enough people join, it might be possible to get the Eureka Police Dept. to entertain the notion that Christine didn't leave Eureka on her own will. In missing persons cases, the voice of the public can go a long way. Before clicking ignore, ask yourself, what would I do if someone I love disapears without a trace? We need your help and support.
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