Congratulations ! We are moving forward ! Now save our money and lives by promoting this !

Congratulations to all members of this cause. We have touched 250 members ! Invite more members to participate. We need this movement more now...the Mumbai blasts are a direct fall out of mis-governance ! The money eaten up by our greedy politicians and…Read More

Right time to Rejuvenate this cause with Anna Hazare !

Everybody please raise clarion calls to more and more of your contacts and enrolle more people to this cause by and post comments to make Jantar Mantar and Azad Maidan Tahreer Squares of India !

Support Anna Hazare !

Join this and take a step forward to another Tahreer sqaure !

Anna Hazare !

All supporters of this cause please support Anna Hazare in his cause and those who can, please go to Jantar Mantar and Azad Maidan !
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