delhi bus gangrape case.Demanding death penalty

This incident is very much unfortunate. We need stringent law against this crime.

Your some help can change the life of some under privileged children. Please help them.

It's become very difficult to continue our Edu-Care Project without any major help for our Edu-Care Project Scheme already going on since last two years. Whatever helps we have received from our well wishers already mentioned in our group. We are receiving…Read More

150th Birthday celebration of Swami Vivekananda.

The students of the Edu-Care Project of Sukhe Dukkhe Organisation for underprivileged children have celebrated the 150th birth day of Swami Vivekananda on 12.1.2013. Described some stories about Swamiji's life. The students participated in Sit & Draw…Read More

Our Activities with the Edu-Care Students We are trying to give every opportunity to them to enjoy their life like privileged students. An excursion was done with the students of Edu-Care Project at Deulti the…Read More

Our activities for this cause We are doing many activities for the underprivileged children from the help of our members and well wishers. Detail information will be…Read More


Sukhe Dukkhe Organisation is working in the field of education and upliftment for underprivileged children. Since February, 2011 we are working with the street & poor children, staying on pavement at Gallif Street and other places of Bagbazar area of…Read More

Ring in the new year by changing the world!

As 2012 approaches, we want to give 250 deserving kids in Nepal their first-ever school library, and we’re hoping you can help by donating to our cause or helping spread the word. The entire library and everything inside it will cost only $5,000—that’s just…Read More
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