Childrens Cancer

Hi guys, Ive had a request to add this petition to our site and I am happy to do so, please take the time to read it and sign. If any of you have petitions that you would like adding, just send me the request and ill look at them for you. Paul

The Fight Goes On Whilst welcoming Government intentions to abandon plans for disposal of public forests, the campaign to protect and restore England's ancient forests must go on,…Read More

Government U turn Congratulations to everybody that has joined this group and to those that have signed and shared the numerous petitions floating around to oppose the forest sell of plans. It…Read More

Writing to your MP If you use the above link, there are a number of hints and tips for any of you that may be struggling to find how to contact your mp's. Lets get writing to them people, and remember to remind them that they are our…Read More

Woodlands Trust

Here is a link to the Wooodlands Trust petition against DEFRA's plans to sell off the forests to the private sector.

Thank you

Many thanks to you all for joining this cause, lets get inviting as many friends as we can. Delamere Forest is an important part of our local eco system and its time that this government realise that the good people of the Northwest and beyond aren't going to…Read More

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