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April 18th

May Day Protest April 18th
Please remember that this is a peaceful non party political event with the aim of persuading The Government to keep the May Day Bank holiday. We are not here to protest about anything else or to show our discontent with the government. We need to concentrate on the one issue of the May Day Bank Holiday, and do it peacefully with good humour; anything else could damage our case.
From 1200-1300 we have the use of Old Palace Yard for the ‘demonstration’. We can morris dance, bang drums and wave placards only on this site and only between these times. After this the petition will be delivered at 1400 to the DCMS. After the official end of the protest at 1300 we are all ordinary pedestrians so please no more demonstarting. If you do so you could be arrested for having an unauthorised demonstration. If you want to witness the petition being handed in please make your own way peacefully to the DCMS, not as an organised group. There is no organised march so do not walk in the road.
At the DCMS only four of us will go in. We are NOT legally demonstrating at this point, no dancing, drum banging, shouting. The Police have stipulated that we must keep all pavements clear so that people can pass without stepping into the road. If somebody is injured because you made them walk in the road you could be liable.
We are NOT to dance or demonstrate in any way in Trafalgar Square.

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