let's get rid of walker and start planning our future!

state senator Tim carpenter is looking out for working people!

go to the link below to read his proposed ammanedment to protect collective bargaining! http://legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/sen03/news/Press/2011/pr2011-021.pdf

here we go again!

Collective Bargaining in the Budget Bill Posted by Josh Beck at 5:36pm It looks like we may need to start protesting again. A spokesman for Fitzgerald said that seeing as the bill's tied up in court, they may just add the removal of collective bargaining…Read More

let paul ryan know how you feel friday racine!

On friday april 29th, paul ryan will be in racine county with stops in sturtevant and racine! we really need to tell this guy that he is crazy if he thinks his budget is a great plan! I myself, am in my forties, and i have been working since i was 13 years…Read More

walker may try to call martial financial law!

word has it that governor walker may try to pull his most underhanded move yet! he may declare martial law in wisconsin which means that he would have the power to take over the finances of citys, towns and villages who are in financial trouble. it would also…Read More

this is our house! tea party counter rally on 4-16-11

religeous right wing really?

In the past few weeks since this whole war on public employees started, i can not beleive the behavior of some of my so called christian conservative neighbors! Two of them won't even talk to me anymore because i am pro union! these are people who i have…Read More
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