Do you support Sen. Grothman's proposed tax credit?

Yes (5% people answered this) I'm on the fence. (2% people answered this) No (91% people answered this) 998 people voted. Encourage everyone to call their state legislator telling them to vote no to Walker's "Budget Fix" bill. Scott Walker is trying…Read More

Do you support Gov. Walker's proposal as described in the article?

Yes, I support expanding School Choice & increasing taxpayer support to voucher schools, including religious schools. (2% people answered this) Partially, I would support expanding School Choice but not increasing taxpayer support to voucher schools (4%…Read More

Arrests of Observers at the Capitol

This is ridiculous. When will the courts step in and stop this? When did it become a crime to observe what's going on? When did it become a crime to protest our government, which is protected by the First Amendment in the federal Constitution and the…Read More

MLK Award Recipient Rebukes Walker

Power to this woman who reminded Walker that MLK was not in support of Walker's actions! Huffington Post Article (

Walker - Pants on Fire...Again!

Even today, Walker continues to lie about his job creation numbers. He was elected on a pledge to create 250,000 jobs. He's no where near that number according to this recent investigation by PolitiFact. Read for…Read More

Walker's Cuts Don't Work

Shocking...Walker didn't tell the truth here either...he said his Act 10 (which courts have found illegal) would offset the reduction in state aid...LIE!

Look at New Republican Lawmakers

So it looks to be a rough year for Wisconsin again, according to today's Journal Sentinel. Personally, I think these WI lawmakers need to read the US Constitution, as Article VI clearly states that Federal Law trumps state law, so arresting federal officials…Read More
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