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Look at New Republican Lawmakers

So it looks to be a rough year for Wisconsin again, according to today's Journal Sentinel. Personally, I think these WI lawmakers need to read the US Constitution, as Article VI clearly states that Federal Law trumps state law, so arresting federal officials for implementing a federal law is just ABSURD and would only get WI in trouble. Anyway, here is what 9 of our new Republican lawmakers want to do to our state:

1. Arrest any federal official who tries to implement the Affordable Care Act.
2. Charge airport screeners with sexual assault for patting down passengers.
3. Pass Right to Work legislation
4. Allow gun carrying without any permit or training
5. Allowing people to buy raw milk
6. Blocking funding for the REAL ID Act, a federal law requiring a more secure drivers' license.

What is wrong with these people?!?!?!


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