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How about a plastic-free school?


School and college campuses are often the source of enormous amounts of plastic pollution. ”Plastic Free Campuses” is a global community of university and school campuses working towards reducing their plastic footprint. Join the community now!

The goal of the project is to measurably reduce plastic pollution on campuses around the world, with a special focus on the reduction and ultimately the elimination of plastic bottles, plastic straws and utensils, and plastic food packaging.

Not in school? Don't have kids or siblings in school? You can still join in on the movement. Support us in the fight against plastic pollution! Join Plastic Pollution Coalition at any membership level and you'll be automatically funding pollution-reducing projects like Plastic Free Campuses AND getting great plastic-free goodies sent to you to help you along with your effort to reduce your plastic footprint. It only takes a few clicks here:

Thank you for all of your dedication and support.

Stop Plastic Pollution!

-Plastic Pollution Coalition



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