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Plastic Pollution: 2 Ways to Help With Almost No Effort


We like to make things easy for our friends and allies in the fight against plastic pollution. The issue itself is so big that small actions - that add up - can be the best way to do something about it.

Here are two easy ways that you can help:

1. SHARE! Please tweet, post, pin, or whatever else you do on social media, to show people how important the issue is and how important Plastic Pollution Coalition's projects are.

Example Posts:
What's the biggest source of plastic pollution? Single-use and disposable plastics like straws, cups, forks, plates, lids, spoons, bottles, take-out boxes, and plastic grocery bags. REFUSE to be a part of that terrible trashy cycle. Go reusable and join Plastic Pollution Coalition in the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastic #Pollution Coalition needs your help in the fight against toxic plastic pollution: @plasticpollutes

2. JOIN! Join Plastic Pollution Coalition at any membership level and you'll be automatically funding pollution-reducing projects AND getting great plastic-free goodies sent to you to get you started, or help you along with your effort to reduce your plastic footprint. It only takes a few clicks here:

Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and support.

Stop Plastic Pollution!

-Plastic Pollution Coalition



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